How to make your own e-liquid?

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An e-liquid recipe do-it-yourself is also known as "DIY" (Do It Yourself). It's a way of consuming that consists of putting in the flavors you prefer, choosing your base and nicotine level, to create a unique product that's just like you. At Liquidbox, we're giving you the opportunity to try your hand at both economical and pleasant ! 


Why not take the opportunity to try out some new flavours?

What's the best way to make your own e-liquid?

To make your own e liquidthere are several possible solutions.

The first, which is quicker and easier to access, involves buy prepared monthly boxes of concentrates (DIY) upstream by our company. All you have to do is : 

  • choose the desired level of vaping intensity (beginner, advanced, expert), 
  • to select your favourite flavours,
  • select the ones you don't want to receive, 
  • specify your preference regarding the level of vegetable glycerine,
  • enter your personal order information.

Order your first box in just a few minutes!

All the flavours you receive in your order can be used on their own, but can also be used for make your own product electronic cigarette. However, it's up to you to obtain the other elements you need for your preparation (nicotine boosters, base).

The second option is to purchase ready-made packs in which the various ingredients are included. It does not, however, give you access to several flavours at an attractive price!

If you don't want to do the dosing yourself, and would rather have ready-to-use products, it's also possible (and highly recommended) to opt for one of our ready-to-use boxes. By entering your preferences, you can fine-tune the products you receive. You'll only receive products that match your requirements.

What are the advantages of making your own e-liquid?

If more and more smokers are choosing to start preparing e-liquid recipes, it's not for nothing. In fact, this new form of consumption offers a number of advantages: 

  • Cost control and therefore his savings,
  • Multiple combinations or even infinite, thanks to the choice of flavors and bases available on the market. You can personalize your product to suit your moods and desires!
  • Mastery and knowledge of composition,
  • Satisfaction to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

With Liquidbox, receive new flavors and refine your profile by giving our team feedback on the premium e-liquids you've received.

What do you need to make your own e-liquid?

Here's a list of all the items you'll need to make your homemade e liquid recipes: 

  • A base ready-to-use, taste-neutral and nicotine-free, it determines the hit, steam intensity, volume and texture.
  • Nicotine boosters If you want to add nicotine to your product, it's essential to buy a booster. A booster is a neutral base with a higher or lower concentration of nicotine. You need to dilute it in your blend!
  • Concentrated aromas Flavors: thousands of flavors exist on the electronic cigarette e-liquid market. They add taste; it's up to you to choose them according to your preferences. Fruity, classic, minty, sweet... 
  • Additives This element of your preparation enhances the taste of certain flavors, rounding out the final e-liquid by sweetening it and giving it a fresh mouthfeel.
  • Accessories These are essential for handling and storing your future DIY e-liquids. We advise you to purchase blank vials, syringes and protective equipment. 

All the steps are perfectly explained in our dedicated article

If you would like to start preparing your own homemade e-liquid recipe, we invite you to discover our personalised boxes. without obligation. Let's set off on an adventure of tastes and flavors!