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What's the best-selling e-liquid?

une boite avec plusieurs e liquides

Among all the e-liquids we have to offer on our online store, those in 50 ml format are certainly the best-selling. Practical, economical and available in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, they meet the needs of the greatest number of people, whatever their level of experience with electronic cigarettes.

At LiquidBox, we sell them individually as well as in a customizable monthly box. according to your preferences. You can set it up according to your desires and preferences, so that it's just like you; all the flavors vary from month to month, so that you're always guaranteed more surprises!

50 ml e-liquid: the big favourite!

The success of 50 ml e-liquids stems from several advantages, whatever the level of vaping experience for users who are guaranteed not to run out of stock. 

Whatever your taste, whatever your preferences, 50 ml e-liquid is undeniably the star of all electronic cigarette products. It offers all the benefits of its format, but without the molecule! That's what puts them on the podium of favorite electronic cigarette products.

If you've just switched to this type of consumption from a regular smoker of conventional cigarettes, we can't advise you to use a nicotine-free 50 ml e-liquid directly, as you're likely to turn back to your former mode of consumption out of frustration. However, if you'd like to reduce your dependency to the point of no longer suffering from it, you can lower rates little by little!

We recommend our customizable monthly box which allows you to create it according to your desires; you can of course modify the nicotine rate over time to adapt it to your new needs.

As you can imagine, we recommend nicotine-free products for people for whom they are suitable, but if the user is still looking for the stimulating effect of this molecule, or simply wishes to maintain the nicotine level to which he or she is accustomed, nicotined e-liquids are still the best choice. a viable option.

Why is this e-liquid such a success?

A larger quantity

Visit 50 ml e-liquids offer a larger quantity than smaller formats such as 10 or 30 ml bottles, which is advantageous for regular vapers who don't want to have to frequently repurchase their e-liquids.

More economical

Buying one product in larger quantities is more economical than buying several smaller ones, and saves on the cost per milliliter.

Less reloading

E-cigarette users can enjoy the convenience of having a larger quantity of e-liquid, which reduces the frequency of refills and can be convenient for travel.

Variety of flavours and nicotine levels

These products are available in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, offering users a wider choice.

More convenience

The 50 ml bottles can be fitted with larger caps, making it easier to fill electronic cigarette tanks, especially for models with wider openings.

Nicotine-free formats

At LiquidBox, we've chosen to offer nicotine-free e-liquids for everyone to enjoy. In fact, it doesn't stop vapers from adding a dose of nicotine to their product! It's an ideal option for those who vapotage without nicotine or who want to reduce their consumption.


Vapers who use sub-ohm modes, which often require more e-liquid due to higher vapor production, can benefit from 50 ml formats that meet their volume needs.

Some users may prefer smaller bottles for portability or to change flavors frequently. We recommend choosing the size that best suits your your habits and preferences. By creating your monthly box, you can choose all the parameters that suit you and modify them as the months go by, so you're not locked into a single decision!