Offer a LiquidBox subscription with the gift card


Looking for a gift to offer ? Whether your friend is a passionate , beginner or confirmed vaper, our gift card will make him happy ! His LiquidBox will be curated just for him and will adapt to its tastes and desires. You need a last minute gift? No worries, the gift card can be printed directly from your home ! You will just need to set it up right now by following some few steps

1-size and duration of the subscription


The Classic (80-90)
The Great (160)
The huge (300)


2-Gift Card delivery mode


I print myself

I print a nice personalized gift card myself!

by email

I send an e-mail to the person I want to give the gift to.

Send by letter

The Liquidbox team will send the gift card to the address of my choice! (adds €2)


3- Personalize your gift card: 







1. Do I need to fill out the address and create an account for the person I wish to offer a gift card to?

No if you opt for delivery by print, or by e-mail (we will only ask for his email address if you want us to send him directly). If you wish to have him deliver a card printed by the LiquidBox team, you can enter his address in the "Delivery address" section on the order page. Your loved one will fill out their address and complete their preferred form once they have validated their gift code on the dedicated page!

2. Does the gift card have a deadline for use?

No worries ! It reamins valid until it is used !

3. Once the gift subscription finishes, what happens if my loved one wants to continue?

It will just need to click on the Subscription Extension button and enter its payment information. You will of course not be charged

4. I have more questions

Feel free to come back to us, and write to us from the contact form, we will answer quickly