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How can I reduce nicotine levels with an electronic cigarette?

remplissage d'une vapoteuse

The use of e-cigarettes as a means of reducing nicotine consumption is becoming increasingly popular among smokers who want to reduce their dependence on tobacco. This new method is a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, while allowing users to progressively control their nicotine levels; they can then choose the right e-liquid. 

Whether you're new to using electronic cigarettes or an experienced vapoteur looking to reduce your nicotine dependency, this short LiquidBox guide will provide you with useful tips to help you achieve your goals!

Our tips for reducing the nicotine content of electronic cigarette e-liquid

Reducing the nicotine content of your electronic cigarette e-liquid signals the start of a change for you, not only in your life as a vapoteur, but also in your everyday life. You're choosing to free yourself little by little from this substance that's harmful to you and those around you. While some people choose to take the plunge overnight, others need more time. a kind of therapeutic reflection to reach your goals without obstacles.

It's important to act at the right time and in the right way!

The easiest way to do this is gradually, by lowering the nicotine content of your electronic cigarette's e-liquid. If you've been used to ordering products with 6 mg/mL, you can now switch to a 3 mg/mL composition.

Of course, it all depends on your starting rate! It's case by case.

Then, each time you take it down a notch, we recommend that you keep an eye on how you feel over the course of hours or days to see if it's having an effect on you, or if it feels easy; if the latter, then all is well. 

Note: if you vapourize a little more than before, that's normal. Your body is used to a certain dose of nicotine, so it will first try to get the same dose, which means vaping more. When you gradually return to a normal rhythm, you've made it!

If you're still vaping as usual, needing to turn up the power to get more effect, or feeling cravings on a regular basis, there's something wrong. In fact, this feeling may appear a few days after the reduction.

When should you reduce the nicotine content of your e-liquid?

You can start lowering the nicotine content of your e-liquid if :

  • You no longer smoke cigarettes at all;
  • The electronic cigarette is enough for you and you don't even think about smoking anymore;
  • You feel ready.

If you don't feel like it, don't even try - you'll just disappoint yourself!

Secondly, it's important to start with a nicotine level that really matches your needs. If you're looking to reduce your consumption when you haven't yet quit smoking, you'll simply be frustrating yourself!

A reminder:

  • For less than 5 cigarettes/day, the recommended level is 3 mg/mL ;
  • For less than 10 cigarettes/day, the recommended level is 6 mg/mL ;
  • Between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day, the recommended level is 11 mg/mL ;
  • Between 20 and 30 cigarettes a day, the recommended level is 16 mg/mL ;
  • 30 cigarettes a day or more, the recommended level is 19.6 mg/mL.

If you're at 3 mg/mL, the next step is zero!

4 tips for successfully lowering your nicotine levels

Nicotine is an addictive substance, which is why reducing its levels, even with an electronic cigarette, can be difficult because of the physical and psychological dependence it engenders. For those who vapotage and wish to reduce their consumptionmaking a change in their choice of e-liquidIn order to quit, it is necessary to adopt a gradual and strategic approach. This can include choosing e-liquids with progressively lower nicotine concentrations, setting up a gradual reduction plan, monitoring your consumption or seeking support from health professionals. 

It is also important to stay motivated and to set realistic goals, while being aware that reducing nicotine consumption can take time and perseverance.

If this is difficult, you can try one of these solutions:

  1. Staying on courseJust wait for your body to get used to it. This may work for some people, but if it seems insurmountable, makes you irritable or gives you a feeling of guilt, don't give up and try to compensate with physical activity;
  2. Choose an intermediate rate. If you were at a nicotine intake of 16 mg/mL in your e-liquid and you have gone down to 6 mg/mL, step down to 11 mg/mL to make the difference smoother;
  3. Alternate e-liquids Nicotine-free e-liquids: you can incorporate nicotine-free e-liquids into your daily rotation to gradually reduce your dependency. Alternate between them to help reduce cravings;
  4. Surveillance Keep track of your daily consumption and set limits for yourself. Try to gradually reduce the number of puffs you take or the frequency with which you vape.

Most importantly: cutting down on nicotine consumption can take time! It's important to be patient with yourself during the process. If you have relapses, don't get discouraged and try again. Every little bit of progress counts.