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7 reasons to choose the e-liquid box!

Ordering a box of e-liquids is a new vaping option brought to you by our team of enthusiasts. We give all vapoteurs, whatever their experience in the field, the opportunity to enjoy a host of advantages attractive. Discover a variety of flavours, from the most classic to the most original, which you can savour thanks to a remarkably practical ordering system that saves you money!

We give you 7 reasons to fall in love with our monthly boxes.

7 reasons to buy a monthly box of e-liquids

There are many advantages to choosing an e-liquid box. We've put together a list of 7 convincing reasons why you should opt for this practical, economical and tasty solution.

1. Variety of flavours

E-liquid boxes offer a wide selection of flavors and blends, allowing vapers of all experience levels to discover and explore a diverse range of tastes according to their preferences but also according to their degree of curiosity!

2. Practicality and simplicity

These boxes offer a selection of different e-liquids, simplifying the purchasing process and providing a convenient solution for vapers. You can select the flavors you'd like to discover according to your personal tastes: we ask you to select those you like and those you don't like. In this way, our team is able to prepare a monthly box according to your specifications.

3. Discovering new brands

Ordering and receiving our boxes is the perfect opportunity to explore a variety of French and non-French brands and manufacturers, giving consumers the chance to discover new quality options. In this way, you broaden your knowledge of the subject - and we're delighted to be part of it.

4. Various sizes and formats

We give you the opportunity to discover new flavors, just as we give you the chance to choose from different bottle sizes, ranging from small samples to larger formats. We adapt to your consumption!

5. Extensive customization

Thanks to our advanced customization system, you can choose not only the flavors and formats, but also the nicotine levels and PG/VG ratios you wish to enjoy. But that's not all: at the end of the customization process, you can leave us final instructions and select the format of the e-liquid box.

This puts you at the heart of a particularly individualized experience.

6. The comfort of accessibility

Our e-liquid boxes are ideal for busy people, who can easily run out of e-cigarette products without having the time to buy or order for the next few days. They're a convenient way to keep a supply on hand, reducing the need for frequent purchases and allowing vapers to always have their favorite flavors on hand.

7. Order speed

At Liquidbox, we've chosen to offer you a fast customization and ordering system, so you can quickly enjoy your favorite products and discover new ones. We'll get them to you as quickly as possible!

The unique LiquidBox concept

Whether you're a regular or occasional vapoteur, Liquidbox offers you a monthly box of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. With a wide variety of flavors to discover, and the possibility of regularly changing e-liquid flavors, you'll be able to explore a whole new world every month. new taste experiences!

For people who want to give up traditional cigarettes or simply enjoy the unique sensations of vape thanks to mouth-watering aromas, we offer you a wide range of gustatory pleasures. Between the acidity of fruit, the sweetness of cakes, the strength of coffee or the scent of tobacco, a universe of over 1,500 references opens its doors to you!

Our concept, entirely adaptable to your preferences, gives you total freedom of personalization, can be changed every month.