Whether you want to stop smoking or you just want to vapot, the Box Vape Liquidbox will fill you with flavor and pleasure! This one contains a wide choice of flavors, from the most classic to the most creative. You will have the choice of flavors but also the format of your box, the nicotine rate of your products, the ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine contained in your e liquids, etc.. All the elements necessary to create a box of e liquids 100% personalized will be asked! For daily or occasional use, the purchase of a Box Vape allows you to deliver every month your electronic cigarette products at home, and to vary the taste pleasures!

What is the Liquidbox Vape Box?

The Box Vape, it's the concept that is a hit! Subscribing to a monthly Vape Box will allow you to receive, each month, your batch of e liquids at home. Depending on the number of products you have selected, you will be delivered to your home and free of charge. The Box Vape is the opportunity to vary the tastes month after month, to discover new flavors but also enjoy different and varied flavors throughout the year!


The box of liquid for electronic cigarette proposed by Liquidbox contains only e-liquids that correspond to the tastes you have chosen (fruity, tobacco, gourmet, refreshing, etc.), but also e-liquids that meet your needs and habits of vapoteur.


Before ordering your Box Vape, you will have to fill in a questionnaire which will allow us to understand your consumption habits. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced vapoteur, we will offer you original products, made in France and which will correspond to your desires, your tastes and your expectations. You will have the possibility, every month, to change flavors.


Thus, each month, you will have the pleasure of receiving your Box Vape e-liquid for electronic cigarette.


Simple to use, our website offers you an interactive path allowing you to make your selection in all simplicity. The subscription to our Box Vape is without commitment! You will be able to cancel your subscription whenever you want, in a simple and secure way and without any fees.

Why choose to buy a box of e liquids?

The purchase of a Box Vape of e liquids is intended for people wishing to test new flavors of e liquids, including products worked and innovative. Know that the e liquids offered by Liquidbox are qualitative, with or without nicotine and chosen among the biggest brands (you can consult our thousands of reviews to get an idea). You can also choose French e liquids only to compose your personalized Vape Box.

Thanks to a careful selection of our e-liquids, at Liquidbox, we offer you a wide choice of flavors, each more original and tasty than the other. By opting for our Box Vape, you are sure to find THE selection of e-liquids that will suit you best and meet your expectations.


Our e-liquids comply with all French and European standards in force. You can therefore vapoter our products safely!

How to choose his Box Vape for his electronic cigarette?

To choose your personalized Vape Box for your electronic cigarette, it will be necessary, initially, that you select the offer that best meets your expectations:

 la box vape LiquidBox en taille Classique
  • The classic: Size M
  • __________
  • 90-120ml of e-liquids
  • 4-6 Flavors!
  • 24€99
 la box vape LiquidBox en taille Large
  • The big one: size L
  • __________
  • 160-180ml of premium e-liquid
  • 4-6 Flavors!
  • 34 € 99
 la box vape e liquide LiquidBox en taille XL
  • The Jumbo: Size XL
  • __________
  • 300 of e-liquid Premium
  • 5-6 Flavors!
  • 49 € 99
 la box DIY LiquidBox en taille petite
  • __________
  • 150ml of premium concentrates
  • 3 vials of 30ml and 6 of 10ml
  • 39€99
 la box concentrée LiquidBox en taille Grosse
  • __________
  • 60ml of premium concentrates
  • 6 vials of 10ml
  • 24€99


Regarding the flavors of your electronic cigarette products, you will have a wide choice of flavors. Classic, fruity, gourmet, mentholated, ... you will receive a certain amount of e liquid, ranging from 60 to 300 ml depending on the format of the Box Vape chosen. Depending on the option selected, the number of flavors of your Box Vape will vary from 4 to 6 flavors.

What are the advantages of the Liquidbox Vape Box?

Liquidbox is a company offering a diverse and varied selection of E-Liquid for electronic cigarette. At Liquidbox, we are aware of the importance of the quality of our products. We have therefore chosen to offer a box of products at the best price, while respecting the standards of manufacture and creation.


Because of the quality of our products, we are constantly looking for qualitative e liquids to complete our selection and offer you products that combine choice and quality. For each e liquid, you will have access to its composition clearly displayed on the back of the product.


By choosing Liquidbox for the choice of your Box Vape, you will have access to a 100% personalized course according to your preferences, your desires and your needs. We have many offers with prices defying all competition. From the most classic to the most extravagant, through the gourmet and fruity, you will find a wide choice of e liquids for your electronic cigarette! We now have more than 1500 references in terms of e-liquid; therefore, by going through Liquidbox, you will have the opportunity, each month, to discover new flavors!


At Liquidbox, we value our customers' feedback and comments. Indeed, we place customer satisfaction at the top of the scale. To this end, we continually use our expertise to offer you advice tailored to your needs and situation.

femme e liquide box

How do I order a box of e liquids from Liquidbox?

In a few clicks, you will be able to order your box of e-liquids on our website. To do this, you will have to fill out our interactive form. Thanks to this, we will be able to know your expectations as well as your needs, and to offer you a selection of products that will suit you best. In just 7 questions, we will be able to offer you a box of liquids for electronic cigarette adapted to your profile, but also full of surprises!


We will know if you are a beginner, advanced or expert vapoteur. We will also ask you what are your favorite flavors and those to exclude. Then, you will be able to choose the nicotine level that best suits your consumption and your desires, compared to the PG/GV level. You will then have the opportunity to leave us personalized recommendations for the configuration of your discovery box of e liquids.


Once you have answered this questionnaire and selected your Boxe Vape, you can choose the delivery method that suits you best. Your order will be delivered as soon as possible, directly to your mailbox!


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions, or if you simply need advice. It is with great pleasure that the Liquidbox team will guide you in the configuration of your Box Vape!

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