Where do you deliver?

We deliver in metropolitan France, Belgium, Switzerland, and other European countries.

What are the advantages of vape compared to conventional cigarettes?

The question deserves ample to be asked:

  • The vapoteuse does not produce any smoke, the liquid is heated at low temperature and produces steam.
  • You will remove all the odors of your clothes, your breath, and ... from the ashtray
  • It will allow you to regain the taste and smell of a non-smoker
  • It is free of tar, ammonia, carbone...et monoxide without most of the 4000 elements that make up tobacco smoke
  • The flavors are multiple, with and without nicotine. The themes are numerous and you will certainly find your favorite aroma

What are the brands of e-liquids present in the Box?

LiquidBox offers a discovery box, allowing you to discover premium e-liquids from all over the world. The e-liquids component are all American e-liquids, Filipinos from the shop, and many others (loaded, Illuminati Vapor, Viper Labs, Flavor Drops, Milkshake MAN, AQUA ...).

We are currently counting more than fifty partner brands, and others will be added to the list.

How do I subscribe to the Box?

All you need to do is click the Box button in the top of the page menu. You will then have to fill out a short questionnaire, so that we know your preferences in terms of taste, concentration of VG and nicotine.
Le questionnaire nous permettra de vous envoyer une box personnalisée.

Once the questionnaire is completed, you will be able to access the order page directly.
Les liquides de votre LiquidBox seront alors soigneusement sélectionnés, et votre box sera envoyée dans les 24 heures après que vous l’ayez commandé.

How do I change my address?

You can change your delivery address in your "My account/My Subscription" section, then "Change Address". Attention, once your account displays the status "in progress", it is no longer possible to change your delivery address.

We therefore advise you to anticipate the procedure in case of moving or extended departure. On the other hand, feel free to be very precise in your delivery address: Floor, digicode ... are all elements that will promote the good delivery of your parcel!

Pour les abonnements, attention a bien cliquer sur le bouton “utiliser pour mes abonnements en cours” pour que le changement d’adresse soit bien pris en compte

Do I have to resubscribe every month?

The monthly subscription is automatically renewed, so you don't have to do anything. To cancel the subscription (something you can do at any time without any fees), simply go to your account and press the Cancel button.

When will my account be debited?

Payment is managed by our banking partner and by Paypal, depending on your choice. The levy is usually immediate.

For our box, the first payment is made on the day the box is taken.

Then you are charged on the anniversary of the following months.

For example, if you take a box on March 9th, you will be charged at the time of your order, then June 9th for the month of July; Then around 9 July for the month of July, around 9 August for the month of August, and so on.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you have subscribed to the box, you can suspend your subscription at any time by going to your account space, subscriptions section, with a simple click on the Cancel button.

No more payment will be made from the time you clicked, the termination will occur immediately without any waiting time.

Pourquoi ne proposez vous plus Paypal ?

Paypal a déclaré la guerre à de très nombreux sites de vape. Notre compte chez eux a été suspendu sans sommation le 25/12/2020, nous ne sommes plus en mesure d’accepter les paiement via ce canal (nous le proposions depuis nos début).

Les anciens abonnements Paypal ne donneront plus lieu à aucune facturation et aucun montant ne sera débité (donc plus de box non plus).

Pour les abonnés qui étaient sur Paypal et qui souhaitent continuer l’aventure la solution est de :

  • Résilier votre abonnement
  • Cliquer sur le bouton “réabonnement” ou “reusubscribe”
  • Enregistrer votre carte bleue (le paiement aura lieu au moment de votre renouvellement).

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