E liquid red fruit

Do you want to stop smoking or simply vape for pleasure? Liquidbox offers you unique flavors and sensations! Between classic flavors and DIY flavors that give free rein to your imagination, our range from France is sure to delight vapers of all ages. You'll be able to determine and select the nicotine level, as well as the ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Your red fruit e-liquid, available individually or in a monthly box, is available at the best price!

And don't forget, LiquidBox is all about the boxWe have hundreds of red fruit eliquid references from various brands (Chubbiz, Fantastic, Empire Brew, Iceberg, Elikuid etc.) that are not available individually. Prices in the box defy all competition, coming in at less than €10 per 50ml vial, with shipping and boosters included in the XL box.

Our selection of red fruit e liquids

Our red fruit e liquids, made from French ingredients, are designed to to suit all tastes. Our bottles are packaged as follows: 60 ml containing 50 ml of product. You can therefore customize by adding one or more nicotine boosters, according to your preference.

Belgi Ohm Le Grossedale

This liquid from Belgi Ohm will provide you with a fabulous taste of raspberry bavarois. Designed with a higher concentration of aromas than a classic e-liquid, you can mix it with one or more other liquids without altering its flavors.

Drip Maniac - Raspberry Reward

Taste the incredible taste of a creamy raspberry dessert. As gourmand as it is fruity, this e-liquid captures the breathtaking flavors of this famous pastry cake.

Lecheria Vape - Flan de Fresas

The flavours of fresh strawberries mixed with traditional Spanish flan with fragrant touches of vanilla... Here's a sweet eliquid that's sure to delight your taste buds!

Sunlight Juice - Red Fruits

This liquid fruity and fresh is guaranteed to give you a change of scenery without sunburn... Enjoy fruit cocktail flavours worthy of the best bars!

Liquidbox for the purchase of a French e liquid

Liquidbox guarantees products of the highest perfect quality. Made in France, our e liquids comply with current standards and regulations. Containing no chemical substancesyou can vape in complete safety. The composition of our products is not harmful to your health. Each of our e liquids is subject to frequent quality controls.

At Liquidbox, we offer a wide range of products for electronic cigarettes. Thanks to our 15,000 referencesWe offer you the opportunity to discover new flavours.

Because your satisfaction is our priority, we make sure our e-liquids are of the highest quality, every day. For a successful vape experience, you'll have the option of adding a nicotine dosage to suit your needs.

Please note that all products in our ranges can be purchased individually at unbeatable prices. At Liquidbox, you can also buy red fruit e liquids in a variety of colours. monthly box. By mixing different aromas, you can discover new flavors, each more surprising than the last.

Need advice on how to use electronic cigarettes, how to use them, or just want to ask for more information? The Liquidbox team is at your disposal to guide you in your choice of products.

How do you deliver your electronic cigarette liquids?

Once we have confirmed your order for red fruit e liquids, our specialists will pack and dispatch your products.

Liquidbox offers two carriers: La Poste or Colissimo.

Our delivery charges include transport costs as well as the packaging of your order.

We take particular care to ensure that your products are sent in the best possible way. To guarantee you quality experienceThey will be carefully wrapped and packaged.