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I can't draw any more on my electronic cigarette: what should I do?

AIRFLOW réglable de cigarette electronique

Can't get your electronic cigarette to fire? Don't panic, it solutions are available to remedy the situation. We also have tips to give you so that you can enjoy great steam puffs again!

Have you checked the airflow?

The airflow is an important part of your electronic cigarette, since it designates air inlet of your object. It is located above your clearomizer, at the top cap or base. For certain models, it's also possible to find it on the top of the clearomizer. in these two zones.

I can't fire my electronic cigarette anymore! Well, that's why we advise you to check that the airflow is still doing its job, which is to circulate the air. to increase or decrease intensity of inhaled steam.

You can adjust your airflow by turning a ring to close and open it. The more it's open, the greater the airflow. This is known as a direct inhalation (when you suck in a lot of steam).

Conversely, by closing the airflow, the air flow is reduced. This is known asindirect inhalation (when steam draught is low).

So, if you're still struggling with: "I can't pull the trigger on my electronic cigarette anymore", check that the airflow is open.

Is the electronic cigarette clogged?

If you can't pull the trigger on your electronic cigarette, it could be because it's clogged! Who knows? To find out if this is the case, here's what you need to do:

  • Stop vaping and remove the atomizer from the modbox,
  • Check drip tip (mouthpiece).

As the mouthpiece is open, it is susceptible to clogging due to dust or garbage. That's why we recommend that you always protect it with a pouch. specially designed for transport.

If it seems clogged, there's no need to ask yourself why "I can't pull on my electronic cigarette any more"! Simply unscrew the drip tip and clean it. You can run it under water to keep it spotless!




Why can't I pull the trigger on my electronic cigarette?

In addition to checking the airflow of your electronic cigarette and making sure the mouthpiece isn't clogged, here are all the other possible causes:

In any case, if you want to avoid a situation where you say to yourself, "I can't pull my electronic cigarette any more," it's imperative to think about taking care of your device! 


This saves you a lot of trouble. 

That's right, maintenance is essential, as with any other device you may use on a daily basis. Your electronic cigarette is no exception.

Don't forget that vaping, between mist, saliva and liquid components, can require regular cleaning. The more you keep it clean, the fewer problems you'll have.


For this to be efficient, think about :

  • Clean the clearomizer and battery,
  • protect fragile components,
  • replace defective parts.

Despite all these indications, you're still confronted with the fact that I can no longer pull on my electronic cigarette? Perhaps you'll have to have it repaired... From now on, think about protecting it to to ensure its longevity.