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Can I use electronic cigarettes when I'm pregnant?

Many women smoke on a daily basis. However, when pregnancy is announced, they have to stop smoking in order to avoid bringing health risks into the family. harmful substances but also to the developing foetus. 


Should I use an electronic cigarette when I'm pregnant?

Liquidbox attempts to answer this question.


Promoting pregnant electronic cigarettes

If the electronic cigarette is preferable to conventional cigarettes when you're pregnant, but it's advisable to avoid all forms of nicotine consumption. However, for some women who used to smoke, this is no easy task! It is therefore advisable to turn to substitutes that have less impact than tobacco, such as electronic cigarettes.


In recent years, studies have shown that this alternative is up to 95% less harmful than tobacco smoke!

In fact, electronic cigarettes prevent the absorption of carbon monoxide and tar, two ingredients widely present in the composition of conventional cigarettes. It is therefore strongly encouraged, if necessary, to turn to vaping. 


On the other hand, nicotine-free e-liquids are even healthier for both mother and fetus. 


In conclusion, if it's impossible for the mother to stop smoking, or if her level of consumption is too high, she can turn to vaping. It's also possible to reduce the nicotine content of e-liquid to maximize the effectiveness of smoking cessation!

The dangers of smoking for pregnant women


Using an electronic cigarette while pregnant is the best way to avoid the consumption of a conventional cigarette, made up of highly harmful products. According to Santé Publique France, 30% of smokers continue to smoke during pregnancy because of the difficulty of quitting for at least 9 months.


Although it can be complicated for them, here are the hazards that have been identified: 

  • Significant weight loss at birth,
  • Increased risk of miscarriage,
  • Approximately 25% higher risk of premature birth than a non-smoking woman,
  • Risk of cot death.


What's more, during pregnancy, smoking can lead to complications before and during childbirth, cause neurological damage to the child, and result in congenital malformations. It is for all these reasons that smoking cessation is essential when a woman is pregnant! 

When nicotine cravings hit hard, there are solutions!


What about vaping while breastfeeding?

Once a woman has given birth, she may have chosen to breastfeed her child. However, as is the case during the first 9 months of pregnancy, the consumption of conventional cigarettes is not recommended Here again, the two situations are not compatible!

So it's imperative that you don't start again, but instead turn to alternatives such as electronic cigarettes. There are no scientific studies as regards the consequences of vaping on the baby during breastfeeding, no sequelae have been reported, unlike in the case of tobacco.

Once again, while it's always healthier to stop all forms of consumption, we don't recommend stopping overnight, especially if you're a heavy smoker! This can have significant impacts on your psychological state. If you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to contact a specialized health professional.


Now you know what we think about the difference between smoking an electronic cigarette during pregnancy and lighting up a conventional cigarette!