What dosage of nicotine should an e-liquid contain?

dosage nicotine

Electronic cigarettes are considered to be the best solution for reducing nicotine consumption, and even the most harmful.stop for good. By choosing the right nicotine dosage for your e-liquid, you can progressively reduce it as you go along. 

This is why many smokers have chosen this alternative.

What's more, it allows you to save money !


How to choose the right dosage of nicotine in an e-liquid?

To calculate the nicotine dosage you may need in your e liquidIn order to get the most out of your electronic cigarette and meet your personal needs, you need to compare it with nicotine consumption via an industrial cigarette.


We'll explain: 


  • For non-smokers: 0 mg/ml This is a zero rate, since the vapoteur in this category no longer needs nicotine. Remember that the absence of nicotine does not prevent the hit but prevents addiction!
  • For extra-light smokers: 2 mg/ml This level is not likely to irritate the throat.
  • For smokers of 10 cigarettes a day: 3 mg/ml Many e-liquids exist in this dosage, which is almost the middle ground.
  • For smokers of 15 cigarettes a day: 6 mg/ml
  • For pack-a-day smokers: 12 mg/ml The ideal dosage for regular smokers who want to cut down on their consumption, so they can begin a gradual weaning process while enjoying their electronic cigarette!
  • For smokers of more than a pack a day: 12-20mg/ml This dosage is reserved for heavy smokers with specific, above-average needs. If this applies to you, don't try to lower your nicotine level all at once, as this could frustrate or even discourage you. Lower your consumption gradually.


Why choose electronic cigarettes?

The electronic cigarette is renowned among smokers for the help it provides in the smoking cessation process

In fact, if we go back to the origin of nicotine addiction, it comes from conventional industrial cigarettes, which are mainly composed of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide.

The latter are responsible for clogging the lungs, but nicotine is an addictive molecule in the smoker's brain. That's why the advantages of an electronic cigarette are twofold: 

  • Avoid clogging the lungs with carbon monoxide and tar,
  • Avoid or reduce nicotine dosage.

Don't forget that it's perfectly possible to choose the right dosage for your e-liquid and gradually reduce it until you stop using it altogether!

Nicotine dosage in e-liquids

The nicotine dosage in e-liquid is generally calculated for a 10 ml bottle. As you know, it can be of different dosages: 0, 2, 4, 8, 11, and 18 mg/ml. 

The higher the dosage, the more regular smokers will be able to have a consumption adapted to their needs. Occasional smokers, on the other hand, will prefer reasonable doses to avoid an unpleasant sensation in the mouth, but especially in the throat, where it can cause discomfort.

To choose the right level of nicotine, you need to know your daily consumption.

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