Spotlight on a partner: K'OHMX


Come on ... A little originality with K'OHMX

Tired of products that all look the same?

Our friends at Knoks have the beginnings of a solution with their K'OHMX range. We're bathed in originality here:

-Have you ever smoked a cherry bubblegum? GO OMG
-Would you like a tobacco cake? GO SMASH
-Grapefruit, absinthe, mint? GO WTF (this one is aptly named and for us ... it's sublime).


Well, we also have some more classic stuff in this game:

Lemon pie with BAAM and strawberry cake with WHAT

In short, originality and hard work! Because you can tell that everything has been carefully selected, and nothing is left to chance.

They're all available from stock, and you can order them in your M, L and XL boxes!

As a reminder, the BOX XL, for example, generally contains 5 vials of 50ml, 5 boosters comes to 49€90 (or 10€ per 50ml vial ... an unbeatable price for this quality).