How do I dose nicotine in a 50ml e-liquid?

Knowing how to dose nicotine in a 50 ml e-liquid is essential for all vapoteurs who want to reduce their consumption over time without experiencing physical or psychological withdrawal. At Liquid Box, we offer you a wide range of French products, each as delicious as the next, in which you can add your own nicotine dosage!

We'll show you how!

What dosage of nicotine should I use for a 50 ml e-liquid?

If you're a vapoteur with a creative soul, you can take the plunge and design your own DIY e-liquid. To do so, you'll need a neutral baseSelect the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine ratio you prefer, choose the flavour you'd like to taste, and determine the nicotine level you need.

The total volume must not exceed 50 ml!

To know which dosage to follow, you need to take into account the rate that suits you best.

Let's imagine the profile of an average smoker in the weaning phase :

He wants to vape 12 mg/ml of nicotine. To make 50 ml of DIY e-liquid, he'll need 50 ml x 12 mg/ml, which means he'll need to buy three 10-ml vials.

To obtain a total volume of 50 ml of nicotine product:

  • For 3 mg/ml, add 10ml of nicotine booster, i.e. a 10-ml bottle,
  • For 6 mg/ml, add 20ml of nicotine booster, i.e. 2 bottles,
  • For 9 mg/ml, add 40 ml of nicotine booster (4 bottles)

Boost your 50 ml e liquid with nicotine

Nicotine boosters are used with e-liquids when using an electronic cigarette to add or increase a certain percentage of nicotine concentration. Here are just a few reasons why some vapers use them:

  • The gradual reduction of dependency E-liquid: Vapoteurs who want to stop smoking start with an e-liquid containing a nicotine concentration similar to that of their usual cigarettes. They then gradually reduce the nicotine concentration by adding boosters with a lower nicotine concentration, thus gradually reducing their nicotine dependency.
  • Adapting to individual needs Every vaper has his or her own preferences when it comes to nicotine quantity. Boosters offer the possibility of precisely adjusting the nicotine concentration in a 50 ml e-liquidThis allows you to choose the dosage that suits you best.
  • Using large volumes of liquid Boosters: many vapers use large-volume e-liquid packaging to meet their needs from an economic and practical point of view! Boosters are then used to increase the nicotine concentration in these large volumes of liquid, in order to maintain constant nicotine satisfaction during vaping.

Which e-liquid to buy?

Do you want to try out new flavors but don't know which e-liquid to choose to satisfy your tasting cravings? At Liquid Box, we've got plenty of e-liquids to satisfy your taste buds. Created from of French ingredientsOur range caters for all preferences, and you can add one or more nicotine boosters to suit your needs.

A 50ml bottle of e-liquid is considered particularly economical since it lasts approximately 2 to 10 days depending on how much you smoke!

Let yourself be tempted by our guilt-free gourmet flavors, our fruity flavors for an escape, and our classic flavors for sobriety. We offer a very reasonable quality/priceappreciated by a large majority.

To make the most of your electronic cigarette without suffering your nicotine addiction, add a suitable dosage of booster to your 50 ml e-liquid. From our selection, choose the one that will awaken all your senses!