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How do I switch to an electronic cigarette?

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Why vape to quit smoking?

Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Whether it's a pack a day or a few cigs, the impact on your health is real. Switching to vape will be a real advantage in the quest for risk reduction. You're setting yourself a real challenge, one that you shouldn't take lightly. Once you've made your choice of method (patch, gum, vape), you'll need to stick with it.

In this jungle, the electronic cigarette has many advantages. You keep the pleasure of the gesture. The flavors give you a pleasure advantage and, above all, the method is effective. A study by the journal Addictive Behaviour, for example, carried out on a sample of over 3,500 smokers between 2016 and 2018, concludes that those who vapourize daily as part of their withdrawal are 7 times more likely to quit than those who don't!


What advice should you give to smokers who want to switch to vape?


First of all, the first piece of advice for switching to e-cigarettes is to choose the right equipment. Choose an e-cigarette with performance levels that match your needs and budget.

E-cigarettes come in many models, sizes and colors. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best. Take into account performance (wattage, volt settings, etc.), the type of resistance used, battery material and capacity.

To get as close as possible to the "cigarette" experience, we advise you to concentrate initially on "MTL" (Mouth to Lung) products. With resistances greater than or close to 1 ohm. You should also check the autonomy of the battery you'll be using - it's a shame to run out of power in the middle of the day.

For your first purchase, don't hesitate to visit a specialist store. There are plenty of them all over the country, and the staff are always trained to answer beginners' questions.


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How to choose your first e-liquid?

Then it's time to choose your electronic cigarette liquid. There are many different flavors to try, so try as many as you can to find the flavors that suit you best. You can, for example, find flavors like tobacco, mint, vanilla or even fruity flavors. Boutiques are again a good place to start for your first e liquids (and beyond).

For those who want to discover the wide range of flavors available in vape with a fun approach and unbeatable prices, there's LiquidBox. Liquidbox is a box vape a monthly newsletter for vapoteurs that allows them to discover best e liquids. Our experience since 2014 and our preference form will help you see things more clearly. You can try out different flavors (choosing the ones that appeal to you and eliminating the ones that turn you off) and find one that suits you.


How to use your vaporizer

Once you've chosen your hardware and liquid, you need to learn how to use it properly. Learn more about the batteries, settings and other components of your e-Cigarette. You can ask an e-cigarette expert for advice, or consult tutorials on the Internet.

Once you've learned the basics and know how your E-Cigarette works, you can adapt its use to suit your needs and tastes. For example, you can increase or decrease the number of puffs you take, the voltage if allowed on your device, choose different flavors, and so on.

When you switch to an electronic cigarette, you need to make sure you maintain and clean it properly, so that it's always in good condition and ready for use. By following a few basic tips, you can easily maintain and clean your device. These depend very much on the equipment you're using, and it's difficult to give generic advice, but for the basics:

  • Always check that the resistor is soaked. If it's dry, don't use your vaporizer, as you risk getting a "dry hit" taste and permanently damaging the resistor.
  • Regularly clean the mouthpiece of your vaporizer as well as your tank.
  • Do not leave your device unsupervised on charge. Especially not overnight, as some people do with their phones.


As you can see, the passage is fairly straightforward, but still requires a little effort.

By following these basic tips, reading instructions carefully and educating yourself, you'll be able to make the safe switch to the electronic cigarette and enjoy its many benefits. You can also look for other tips and tricks on forums and websites dedicated to vape, or by consulting the other more detailed articles on our blog.


Which resources to use?

There's a plethora of them on the net, if you choose to go that route. You'll find numerous forums, two of which are the main and most active. A quick search will help you find them.

You also have many resources on social networks. Recent years have seen the birth of numerous facebook groups. The LiquidBox group has over 2,000 members. On these networks, the most experienced members don't hesitate to help newcomers. One that we particularly appreciate at LiquidBox is Fredo's Corner.

Last but not least, you can still find a wealth of explanatory videos on Youtube, for example. Here, videographers often produce detailed explanatory videos by material (BreakingVap, Vapextreme are just a few examples).